Crowberry juice 0,5l


Kuukkeli´s Crowberry Juice 0,5 L

Ingredients: Finnish crowberry 50%, sugar, citric acid, pectin (E440), preservative (E211). 
Dilutionrate 1:5. Shelf life after opening in the refrigerator for about 30 days.

Crowberry (Empetrum nigrum) is known oin Finland by many names such as "kaarnikka," "kraakunmarja," and "variksenmarja." Despite its name, crows are not interested in these black berries, but they are appreciated by other game birds and the Siberian jay (Kuukkeli).

This evergreen, low shrub, found throughout the whole of Finland, thrives even on the slopes of the fells in Lapland. Crowberry shrubs tolerate both dryness and cold well, allowing them to survive in the field even in winters with little snow.

Throughout history, crowberry has been an important berry for people in the North due to its high vitamin C content. Crowberries have been eaten and added to various dishes, starting from meat stews, and they have been used to dye both yarn and leather. In beverages, crowberry has been combined with, among other things, blueberries, but its juice tastes good even without mixing with other berries.

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