Lapland delicacies

The incredible tastes of Lapland

We are now happy to bring to your doorstep the incredible tastes that our beautiful Lapland has to offer. 

We highly recommend to taste our special Lapland Berry preservatives or to try the fresh cloudberries once they come into season shortly. We do take pre-orders for seasonal berries.

Reindeer meat also contains such a unique taste, that unless you are vegetarian (which we do have a good selection of) that basically it is a must! For out of country orders the best option is to try the dried Reindeer meat, which are dried in the traditional way in Lapland.

Our Fish from Lapland is well known, currently we offer canned fish in many varieties. 

We are updating our assortment, so be sure to check up later too and Enjoy!


Berries from Lapland

Berries and berry preservatives from Lapland are now available at our online shop!

Reindeer products from Lapland

Reindeer meat-products from Lapland are now available for order at our online shop!

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Freshly frozen Cloudberries are now available to order at our online shop!

113.50 / 5 kg