Music from Lapland CD - a collection of yoiks and songs by Various artists


Songs from Lapland and yoiks from the Saame natives, available at our online shop!

​Music from Lapland

A unique collection of Lappish yoiks and songs from Lapland, inspired by the rich wildlife and the beautiful wilderness. Performed by various artists from all over Lapland.

The CD contains the following tracks:

  1. Yoik
  2. Speak Sámi
  3. Lake Inari
  4. Why?
  5. Yoik of Nanne, The Sguirrel
  6. Ice Flowers
  7. Snow Bufferfly
  8. Driving-reindeer´s Yoik
  9. Waltz of the Nightless Night
  10. Lapland in my Soul
  11. Mother Reindeer
  12. My own Yoik
  13. Ylläs Waltz
  14. Mother´s Song
  15. To Lapland I Will Return
  16. Wolf´s Yoik
  17. To Ruka Fell
  18. Whispering Song
  19. Yoik of Inguna Boy
  20. A Lapland Mother´s Lullaby


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